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A huge thank you to all who helped in making the Farley Farewell Festivities a grand time!

A special thank you to the marvelous Planning Committee; Joan Addy for all her efforts, flowers and decorations for the Open House and Party; Tammy & Les Kirby for setting up and decorating for the party and directing the takedown; The Tone Benders Band and the Conklins & Antonas for their contributions for the music; Phil Yohe for carving the Memory Box; Kelly Dolson for the photo  presentation; John & Lauren Terwilliger of Pocono Signs for the Open House lawn sign and the backdrop for the photo booth; Allan Zoghby from Blueberry Mountain & the Women's Auxiliary for the ice cream; to all those who brought cookies and appetizers; to the fabulous cleanup help for both events and for all those that did many other jobs that made it all work. It may take a village to raise a child but it takes loving church folks to send the Farleys off in a spectacular way! Thanks everyone!