History of Otisville Presbyterian Church
A brief history in documents

Otisville Presbyterian has a long history and humble beginnings. Below you can find documents sharing the history of the Otisville - Mt. Hope Presbyterian Church -- a successor church to the Deerpark Four Corner Presbyterian Church (1791) and a merger of the First Presbyterian Church of Mount Hope (1833) and the First Presbyterian Church of Otisville (1855).

If you have become aware of additional information that would be good to share with the congregation and the community during this 166th year of the First Presbyterian Church of Otisville's story and the Village of Otisville's 100th anniversary, please sent that along!

Membership and Baptism
We are so excited for you!

Interested in membership or baptism? The link below will take you to documents you can download and read along with forms to fill out to plan for membership and baptism as well as confirmation for students in 6th grade or above.

Membership and Baptism