About us


The Otisville-Mt. Hope Presbyterian Church is a 300+ member congregation that serves a suburban small town 60 miles northwest of New York City. The congregation’s average age is 43, however we have members and friends in all age groups.


The church is multicultural, with about 15% of the congregation being African- American, and a small but growing group of members who are Hispanic.


The church is Presbyterian, but the congregation is made up of people who have come from various religious backgrounds: Roman Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, Congregational, Orthodox, and even a few people who grew up Presbyterian!


This congregation's theology is fairly traditional Presbyterian, with lots of people from both the religious right and left. What holds the congregation together is an amazing willingness to love whomever God sends through our doors, as long as they are willing to love others in return. Respect and acceptance are paramount.


Our church is very lively, as evidenced by our music ministry, which includes traditional hymns, contemporary praise songs, revival music, classical interpretations, some great jazz, contemporary gospel, spirituals, and even a new wrinkle -- country western gospel!


The bottom line is, we are open to new people, new ideas, and all the new possibilities that the Holy Spirit will bring our way. We believe that God sends us new people on purpose, because God is always doing something new. He sends us people with gifts, talents, needs, and big hearts to show more about becoming more like Christ.


So welcome!


Look around and check us out. If you have questions, send us a note. If you are in Otisville or the neighborhood, come and visit. And in all things, may God bless you!


- Rev. Jeff Farley



Otisville-Mt. Hope Presbyterian Church
25 Main Street, P.O. Box 628, Otisville, NY 10963

Phone: (845) 386-3851 | Fax: (845) 386-5207 | Email: info@otisvillepres.org


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